Here’s a basic summary of NeverFap Deluxe!

For a much more in-depth overview of NeverFap Deluxe there really is no substitute to reading the website homepage. It’s written a bit like a visual novel too, so it’s significantly more engaging!

With that said, this summary is also pretty neat too.

In essence, there are Healthy Coping Mechanisms and there are Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms.

Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms include things like watching porn and being judgemental/self-critical, while Healthy Coping Mechanisms include things like remaining calm and practicing meditation.

Now, in order to overcome your porn addiction there is one sole thing you need to do.

Develop control over your mind so you can dictate every single aspect of how you think, feel and behave.

It is a reasonable goal which absolutely everyone is capable of.

From the perspective of your porn addiction, it can help to think of your self-destructive behaviours as a learning difficulty.

Which is to say that there’s nothing inherently wrong with you. You just haven’t been taught how to think and feel in constructive way that makes sense to you, for a very long time.

Well, Healthy Coping Mechanisms are going to be the sole means through which you will learn to develop control over your mind.

Simply because there are no other sustainable alternative.

For example, you’d be hard pressed to convince me that binging on junk food to deal with your emotions is ever going to be sustainable, as opposed to something like meditation which doesn’t affect your physical health negatively.

Furthermore, anything which doesn’t help you with this goal of adopting Healthy Coping Mechanisms can be considered an Unhealthy Coping Mechanism, whether it be doubting the process, over-rationalising etc.

So what does it mean to have developed control over your mind?

Essentially, it means being able to consciously direct your mind however you like, rather than have your subconscious behaviours and you desires control you.

Which really is key to understanding why you may have been struggling with your porn addiction for so long.

A lot of our Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms are merely learnt behaviours and responses, which can be replaced and relearnt with Healthy Coping Mechanisms instead.

In summary, what having control provides you with at the end of the day is balance, and there are three broad categories of Healthy Coping Mechanisms which contribute towards this balance.

Awareness, Calmness and Ambition.

If you have all three of these areas in your life under control then you will be in balance and you won’t struggle with urges or doubt or the common effects of Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms.

Most addicts however struggle with at least one or two of these categories, and those areas will be the key focus of your recovery.

Now, the way you develop these Healthy Coping Mechanisms is through practice and consistency. They are the only things which matter to your recovery from a process point of view.

And the easiest way to develop both Calmness and Awareness is through meditation.

For most people, it essentially comes down to meditating 10 minutes each day, and that will be enough to help them develop control over their minds.

It’s personally what I do everyday, and it’s what helps me maintain balance.

…aaaaand that is NeverFap Deluxe in a nutshell.

Ultimately, meditation is key.