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The Relapse

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Welcome to the relapse.

Today we’re going to talk about relapse.

Perhaps you may consider relapse to be a delicate topic to discuss, given I’m technically here to help you overcome porn addiction.

However the truth of the matter is that relapse will be inevitable for many of you.

For example, statistically speaking only around 20% of people stick with the #accountability program on our Discord channel for longer than a week.

Which means 80% of participants give up, and are likely to return back to old habits.

Certainly, I don’t blame anyone who ends up giving up. Overcoming porn addiction can be a daunting prospect, especially for those in their teens.

It personally took me 5 years to overcome my porn addiction, and if you’d told me about meditation or any other kinds of healthy coping mechanisms.

I probably would have laughed at you.

Ultimately, the purpose of this email is to point out that although the process of overcoming porn addiction is highly linear, the outcome is often not.

Perhaps we buy into the false sense of self-confidence that comes with a week of meditation, only to relapse a few days later and therefore think it’s all just a bunch of ballony.

Maybe we reach a point of accepting that porn addiction will always be a part of our lives, and therefore not worth the effort of continually failing.

Whatever happens to you, just remember that there is no right or wrong choice.

Ultimately, there is only process and outcome.

And if you think of everything as a process, then outcomes become rather predictable.

If you stick to the process of believing that it’s not worth it, then the outcome of remaining a porn addict is really not all that extrodinary.

Remaining addicted to porn merely becomes the outcome of that process, no different to sticking with meditation and overcoming porn addiction.

Of course, it usually takes people years to realise this, although obviously the intention of NeverFap Deluxe is to help you come to this realisation sooner, rather than later.

Of course, even if you do believe in the process, you may still find yourself facing relapse inspite of the effort you put in.

While there are a variety of possible factors why you may be relapsing, in general it most likely suggests that you’re approaching your recovery in the wrong way.

Perhaps you don’t quite understand how to meditate properly in order to make it effortless for you, or perhaps you haven’t learnt how to calm down your mind.

The NeverFap Deluxe website is a great resource for you to learn why you may be making these mistakes, and certainly it’s where a majority of my effort has been spent.

Personally I highly recommend checking out our #accountability program on our Discord channel, which is designed to keep you on-track.

For further information on this FREE program, please checkout our #accountability guidelines.

#accountability guidelines



Next steps.

Hopefully this email provides some additional context in regards to the porn addiction recovery process.

Tomorrow I want to talk about how we can effectively move forward, and commit to our porn addiction recovery.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you here tomorrow.

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