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The Calmness

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Welcome to the calmness.

Today we will learn about calmness.

While awareness relates to our capacity for conscious change, calmness relates to the end goal of what we are ultimately trying to achieve with awareness.

In other words, through awareness we aim to be calm.

In the broader scheme of things what this means is that we should aim to be calm in everything we do.

Not only because it’s a highly effective healthy coping mechanism in terms of helping us regain control over our emotions.

However because it’s one of the easiest approaches towards dealing with mentally and emotionally challenging situations.

At it’s core, calmness is your ability to remain relaxed.

It’s a highly underrated skill which most people overlook, as a passive (and therefore ineffective) response towards stress.

Perhaps in part because it’s not often our first response to external stress, and humans tend to only understand and appreciate what they know.

Certainly, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that some people have never truly been calm in their entire lives, embroiled in a state of self-criticism and self-judgement since childhood.

However, I digress.

What usually happens for most people when they face stress, is that they immediately get tense.

They get stressed, they feel this inherent desire to react and fight back, and as a result they become more agitated and frustrated with themselves.

Furthermore, it’s the primary reason why people give in and relapse, because they feel pressured to act when they have urges, rather than relax and remain calm.

Not realising that the most effective response is simply not to react at all.

Put simply, there’s one very crucial reason why calmness is important.

Essentially, you are at your absolute most effective when you are calm.

Not only because it’s a position where you’re able to be in-control of your emotions.

However because it is also when we are at our most aware, and therefore most able to consciously deliberate our actions.

Which is to say that our ability to exert control over ourselves is at our highest when we are calm.

Which makes dealing with cravings and other potentially disruptive feelings an absolute piece of cake.

Not just cravings, but the general day-to-day of work, study and ambition.

Of course, much like awareness, calmness is also a skill which takes time and practice to develop.

However, once you do become comfortable with learning to remain calm, it will become invaluable to your mental health strategy.


Next steps.

Now that I’ve introduced these two central concepts of awareness and calmness, we can now discuss the core implementation of these ideas.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you here tomorrow.

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