Take Note Of The Colour Yellow


Awareness over all


Develop our overall capacity for awareness.


Take note of anything you see which is yellow.


Throughout the day.


A few seconds at a time.


This is another one of those classic awareness exercises where we pay attention to some aspect of our reality.

In this exercise we’re going to be paying attention to the colour yellow.

Essentially, I want you to make a mental note any time you see the colour yellow.

It could be as simple as a mere thought. You may even want to stare at it and really gauge it’s presence.

For this particular exercise what we really want to do is gain inspiration from our surroundings and really focus our attention on what is currently taking place within our vision.

It’s a relatively simple exercise, yet a highly effective one at engaging with your conscious mind.

Which is a key point to make with all these exercises.

They are designed to teach you to consciously engage with your mind, so that when you’re having an urge for example, you can engage with it in a meaningful way.

Rather than flail around as if you have no control over yourself, which simply isn’t true.


That’s right kids!

For this exercise what we’re going to do is notice the colour yellow.

How you decide to do this is up to you. You can write it down. You can simply acknowledge it in your head.

Furthermore, how do you react when you see the colour yellow? Do you react at all? Is there a particular feeling that this exercise evokes?

Fun Fact: Yellow is apparently the most appealing and memorable colour.

Moving Forward

Once you've practiced this for a few weeks, I highly recommend checking the rest of the exercises out:

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