Every 30 Minutes


Uncondition over judgement


Develop your capacity for conscious awareness.


By taking note of points throughout the day at certain intervals.


Every 30 minutes from the moment you wake up.


A few seconds each moment.


The idea behind this exercise is to help you develop awareness throughout your day on an interval basis.

Essentially, the intention behind Every 30 Minutes is to help keep a constant gauge of what you’re doing.

And by doing so, gain a deeper understanding of awareness and routine, in particular of your own life and how you play it out each day.

Routine is a very important part of the recovery process, and this exercise is a way to streamline that process, or at least get you thinking about it in a meaningful way.

In addition, it’s a wonderful way to engage your brain, which is really half the battle when it comes to addressing porn addiction.


Essentially, your aim with this exercise is to keep a mental timer every 30 minutes, and to record or even just acknowledge what you’re doing within in that moment.

In order for this to be effective, you will not be using an alarm to do this.

Instead, you will be using your own intuition, and then checking the clock to see what time it is, and whether you should record what you’re doing yet.

The whole idea is that we want to develop this mental timeline ourselves, and the only way we can do this is through practice.

Put simply, an alarm is not a substitute for your own conscious awareness, which is what we are attempting to develop.

Personally I find it helps to do this exercise starting at a time like 8:00am in order to make it easier to track those 30 minute segment.

Although, you’re free to do whatever interval works best for you. For example, you might want to experiment with hourly intervals instead.

(although I tend to find the longer the duration, the harder it is for people starting out)

In addition, I want to add that this is can be a real tough one!

Although it sounds easy in practice, humans tend to forget. It’s a bit like when we feel distracted during meditation, and we find ourselves thinking about something irrelevant.

Sometimes we can have a hard time maintaining our conscious awareness, however this is precisely why we’re practicing this exercise.

So we can focus on what’s important.

Our mental health.


Moving Forward

Once you've practiced this for a few weeks, I highly recommend checking the rest of the exercises out:

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