Can You Look Through Walls?


Choice over mind


Train your ability to perceive and sense reality.


Stare at a wall and pretend as if you can see through it.


When you have a quiet moment alone.


One minute at a time.


The idea behind this exercise is to teach you to think of your senses differently.

As humans we’re essentially limited by our senses. Which is to say that we can only see, feel and hear as far as our body will allow.

What this exercise is designed to do is help us imagine what it would be like if our senses were extended.

A large part of the exercises here on NeverFap Deluxe revolve around training ourselves to perceive and understand our senses, and so learning to imagine them is an important part of enhancing that process.

Because when you think about it, our senses really are the rawest indications of not only who we are, but what we know of reality.

So once you understand your senses and truly become comfortable with them, you can learn to develop great control over your mind, as well as cement your ability to remain centred.

Not only will this exercise help you better understand your existing senses and your perceived limitations of them, however it will help you better project your understandings of reality overall.


For this exercise, what we want to do pretend as if we can see through walls.

So pick a wall, and pretend as if you can see clearly what is on the other side.

Now, this truly is a skill within it’s own and I encourage you to really play around with this idea of what it means to be able to “see through something”.

For example, can you see through multiple walls? If so, can walls ever exist out of principle, if no one can see them?

What does it look like on the other side? Is it clear? Does the fact that because you’re looking through something, change the nature of that object?

Is your ability to see through walls a reflection of your eyes, or your mind? Perhaps, is it a reflection of the wall itself? Is it only walls you can see through?

In addition, see if you can imagine different things through that same wall. Perhaps you see a great big ocean, or a vast wide desert. Perhaps it’s nothing more than just a single colour.

By playing around with this idea, you can truly explore your senses in a magical way, that will help you not only realise how fantastically fluid they really are.

But also dissolve the self-limiting beliefs you may have about them.

Moving Forward

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