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NeverFap Deluxe Practices

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NeverFap Deluxe Practices focus on developing your capacity for awareness, as well as other important skills related calmness and engaging with mental health best practice.

However, they're in no way a substitute for a solid Meditation routine that you practice daily, as it's arguably the most important thing you can do for your awareness in any capacity.

Instead, it can help to think of these practices as an excellent supplementary activity in order to enhance your mental health and learn entirely new things about yourself and your potential as a human being.

Until then, I would highly recommend checking out the NeverFap Deluxe Meditation section of the website for further instruction on developing a practical meditation routine.

It's the easiest and most effective way to implement real change in your daily routine.



It costs $89 to access all of the practices on NeverFap Deluxe.

This investment provides you with lifetime access to all future and existing mental health and awareness practices, and is a great way to ensure you're fully committed to your mental health.

There are currently 27 detailed mental health and awareness practices on NeverFap Deluxe.

Furthermore, these practices have been organised into a series of 7 Week Awareness Challenges that are delivered straight to your email on a weekly basis, so you can get the most out of these practices.

Most people who commit to a daily routine of mental health practices will notice changes within days, especially in regards to their ability to wield control over their minds.


Practices Overview

Each practice contains:

  • A brief practice summary card.
  • A section explaining the context of the exercise.
  • A section describing the instructions of how to practice the exercise.
  • A section describing how I personally practice the exercise.
  • Essential audio explaining the basis of the practice.

For an example of a free practice that I've made available to the public, please check out the Observe Your Senses exercise which explains the basis of basic meditation.


Seven Week Awareness Challenges

In addition, each of these practices have been organised into 5 separate Seven Week Awareness Challenges in order to maximise your learning from these exercises.

Ideally you should be spending a week with each exercise, in order to truly appreciate and engrain the knowledge of what you're learning, and that's what these challenges essentially do.

When you sign up for a challenge, it will automatically send you an email each week with instructions and access to the practice for that week.

Ultimately it can help to understand that mental health is a skill that is learnt through practice, and so these exercises provide you with a structured way to develop your mental health.

Only by dedicating solid time to learn these skills can we hope to improve and change as individuals.


Next Steps

As mentioned in the beginning of the NeverFap Deluxe Practices section, these practices are less fundamental than having a solid Meditation routine in place.

However what a lot of people find is that these exercises help to better understand how to meditate, as well as remain calm and collected in everyday situations.

I would also dedicate a portion of time towards reading through our extensive list of NeverFap Deluxe Articles which are provided for FREE and which cover a lot of the theory and context behind why these practices are effective.

Otherwise the NeverFap Deluxe Guide is also an excellent place to learn more about what exactly it is you need to do in order to over your porn addiction.

Just remember that irrespective of what you know about your addiction, the only thing which truly matters are the exercises which you practice on a daily basis.

Whether that be something as simple as going for a walk each day or spending 10 minutes practicing meditation before bed.

Without action there cannot be change.

Further Questions?

Head on down to our NeverFap Deluxe subreddit or Discord channel where myself and others can help you with your questions.

Personal Coaching?

Let's organise a 10 Minute FREE Consultation so you can understand how The Reade© can help you achieve your goals.

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Latest Articles

Is Masturbation Healthy?


In this article I discuss the dynamics of porn addiction and whether masturbation alone can be considered healthy, both for addicts and non-addicts alike.


  • It is possible to have a healthy relationship with masturbation, assuming you are not a porn addict.
  • Most porn addicts will never have a healthy relationship with masturbation.
  • There is nothing inherently healthy about the act of masturbation itself.

The Most Important Thing Porn Addicts Don't Do


This article describes how porn addicts delay their recovery by not properly engaging with the process.


  • The most important thing porn addicts don't do is consciously engage with their mind.
  • Instead, they remain within their own comfort zone, often without realising it.

Why You May Be Struggling With Your Meditation


In this article we discuss some of the way people may struggle with practicing meditation in general.


  • The purpose of meditation is to help you maintain balance.
  • It can help to think of meditation as a form of observation, no different to seeing or smelling.

What Is Sex Like Post Recovery?


What is sex like once you've fully recovered from porn addiction? Well, it's great. No questions asked.


  • Put simply, it's great.
  • However, chances are that your issues with sex extend well-beyond your porn addiction.

The Fallacy Of Willpower


In this article I discuss how willpower is used to create a false sense of hope, as well as how it's simply an ineffective way of thinking about recovery.


  • Willpower merely cultivates a false sense of hope.
  • The alternative to willpower is to engage in conscious change.

What Does It Mean To Relapse?


In this article I explore the definition of relapse, and how this whole idea of relapse is entirely counter-productive to our recovery.


  • Relapse is a pointless concept which does nothing to empower you with positive action.
  • I define relapse as anything which doesn't help you develop control over your mind.

My Personal Meditation Routine


In this article I discuss my personal meditation routine and how I personally use it to help me maintain balance in life.


  • At a minimum I meditate 10 minutes each day before bed.
  • I also use other opportunities throughout the day to meditate and practice awareness.

7 Day NeverFap Deluxe Kickstarter

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The Trust - Day 1

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The Meditation - Day 4

The Relapse - Day 5

The Consistency - Day 6

The Community - Day 7

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