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The Dutch made me put this message on my website.

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I totally understand

Post Relapse Academy

Here you are.

You distrusted the process and you lost.

It takes 5 years on average to overcome porn addiction and you're currently experiencing that rule in full-effect.

My job at this point is to educate you on why it happened, why it takes people so long on average to overcome porn addiction, as well as get you back on track with your porn addiction recovery journey.

If you keep reading, I will explain exactly why you relapsed.

As well as what you have to do to change.

At this point, you really have two choices you can make.

You can continue to relapse and stop caring about yourself.

...or you can continue to read this article and educate yourself.

If you decided to continue reading.

Then you will have done a truly extrodinary thing.

You may not realise it, however by continuing to read this article you have made a conscious decision to commit to your mental health.

The same conscious decision that you will use to refrain from your urges and practice healthy coping mechanisms, no different to your decision to read this article today.

Certainly, you could be doing any number of things right now, including watching porn, but instead you are reading this article which is literally reprogramming your mind as we speak.

Arguably this is the most you've done since your relapse, and this really cannot be understated.

Not only is it one less moment spent reinforcing your addiction, however you're even going a step-further by using this opportunity to educate yourself.

What you are doing right now is amazing.

You see, what usually happens in 99% of cases is that we continue to stop caring.

We stop caring, and that's that.

And we remain this way for months, even years in some cases. Not really caring what happens next, even though we know we're not truly happy on the inside, nor in any way reaching our full potential.

In most cases, we simply decide to leave our recovery to chance, hoping that something will change in-spite of completely accepting that absolutely nothing will change.

Well, today we carve your future.

Furthermore, I'll make the process as intuitively human as possible, so you're not left wondering what could have been.

We've got this. Now follow me.

Before I go into the exact details as to why you relapsed (as well as what you need to do in order to rectify this event).

I want to first talk about what you're currently experiencing, as it will help you better relate to what I'm about to say.

Chances are that right now, you're feeling a bit...
















And so much more...

So why do you feel this way?

In order to understand why, you'll need to take a few steps back and understand how you got here in the first place.

Because all you currently see are your emotions. Those things moving at a million miles per hour, weighing you down and confusing the absolute hell out of you.

Which is to say that you don't see the full picture of why they're there.

If you're looking for the tldr.

The reason why you relapsed is because of your self-limiting beliefs.

Essentially, your self-limiting beliefs are the reason why you ended up straying from the process, as well as why you now reside in a wet pile of cum and teenage perspiration.

These self-limiting beliefs include things like.

...and we will be working on dissolving and replacing these beliefs, so we can ensure your porn addiction recovery is not only effortless, but damn effective.

Listen, you ate too much candy.

And now your head is in candy land.

It hurts, I know.

But I promise you're going to be fine.

You see, before you felt all those things and got stuck in that trap of emotion, you actually did something a lot more fundamental.

You committed to a belief.

The fact that we call it a self-limiting belief is merely a label.

Rather, you have a belief which is telling you that you should take certain actions or produce certain thoughts or emotions.

What's hard is that very rarely do we ever see the belief. Instead, all we see is the emotion and that's why we get trapped in these cycles of awfulness, because we fail to truly see the root cause of our problems.

Well, let's change that.

Here's your new #process sugar daddy.


Identify the self-limiting beliefs holding us back


Develop a new set of healthy beliefs


Gradually dissolve those self-limiting beliefs


Get back to our porn addiction recovery

Welcome back to the Great White.

It's just beautiful, ain't it?

Now that you have a general overview of what's wrong, the first thing we'll need to do is identify these self-limiting beliefs.

However that is not the reason why you didn't follow the process.

Final Tips

Read the website

A lot of work has been put into the website.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms > Emotions

A lot of people assume that you must be feeling happy all the time in order to overcome porn addiction.

It's simply not true, and in fact is the polar inverse to what we are trying to learn.

Ultimately, we're learning to become comfortable with our difficult emotions, as opposed to avoid them.

The emotions aren't the issue. The issue is your ability to respond to them.

So you may be wondering.

What are some of these unhealthy coping mechanisms?

In order to get you back on track, there's a few things we must do.

Your emotions.

At this point, you've lost control.

And I bet you're feeling pretty stupid for having thrown it all away.

You're probably feeling a lot of emotion right now.

Well, guess what?

Now is the time to acknowledge those feelings.

Essentially what you're going to do is recognise those feelings, which means accepting as a consequence of your own actions, and then you're going to let go of them.

These feelings are counter-productive, and you've been carrying them around for far too long.

So for now, we're going to say goodbye to them and move on.

Acknowledge. Let go.

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