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NeverFap Deluxe Podcast

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There are two podcasts.

The NeverFap Deluxe Daily which is the current podcast.

The NeverFap Deluxe Podcast which is the previous podcast.

One is a daily motivation podcast, while the other is more of an in-depth discussion of various mental health topics. They're both quite different, but both are very useful. I recommend checking them both out.


The NeverFap Deluxe Daily

The NeverFap Deluxe Daily is a daily motivational podcast.

It is being actively worked on.

One thing I noticed with running NeverFap Deluxe is that we get a lot of young people who simply cannot afford counseling or therapy.

In other cases they simply do not have access to these services at all, in part due to religious or cultural reasons.

So I thought, why not create a podcast that's kind of like a daily motivational talk, that you might get from a mentor or a therapist?

That's essentially what The NeverFap Deluxe Daily is. It's a daily motivational pep-talk where I check up on my favourite porn addict (you!) to see how you're faring with life.

The podcast is released 7AM EST Monday to Friday weekdays.

It's available on iTunes, Castbox and Spotify.


Castbox iTunes Spotify



The NeverFap Deluxe Podcast

The NeverFap Deluxe Podcast is a fortnightly podcast about porn addiction recovery. It aims to be informative, silly and somewhat hopelessly chic.

It's no longer actively worked on, but it's still very informative.

It's a light-hearted take on what you can do to help yourself overcome porn addiction, as I offer hilariously inappropriate advice based on my own experiences with the fap.

Although in all seriousness, it also does cover a wide range of serious topics in an approachable way, so there's certainly a lot to learn in terms of appreciable recovery advice and mental health best practice.

It's available on iTunes, Castbox and Spotify.


Castbox iTunes Spotify



Podcast List

Here's a complete list of all the episodes of The NeverFap Deluxe Podcast.

EP11 - Practice And Consistency Are Your Best Friends.

In this episode I talk about the value of practice and consistency in helping us develop healthy habits in life.

EP10 - Let's Learn About The Reade Pt 1.

In this episode I talk about my life so you can learn a bit more about me!

EP9 - Rediscovering Your Sense Of Purpose In Life.

In this episode I talk about purpose, how we lose it and how we can learn to cultivate it in our lives.

EP8 - Cultivating And Managing Healthy Expectations

In this episode explore how we can manage and ultimately dissolve our expectations in a healthy way.

EP7 - How Fear And Failure Affects Our Minds

In this episode I talk about fear and failure, and how it develops into negative mindsets which impact our ability to effectively address our mental health.

EP6 - The Fallacy Of Judgement And Self-Criticism

In this episode I talk about judgement, how it leads to self-criticism as well as why it’s an ineffective coping mechanism overall.

EP5 - The Importance Of Maintaining Balance

In this episode I talk about the importance of balance, as well as why it’s vital for helping us refrain from urges and remain consistent in our goals.

EP4 - How Awareness Helps Us Remain In Control

In this episode I talk about the wonderful world of awareness, and how we can use it to help us develop control over our mind.

EP3 - How To Become Comfortable With Your Emotions

In this episode I talk about how you can develop a healthy relationship with your emotions and learn to be comfortable with them.

EP2 - What Exactly Constitutes As Relapse?

In this episode I talk about relapse, how to think about this concept of relapse in a healthy way, as well as what you can do to help yourself overcome relapse.

EP1 - My Personal NoFap Porn Recovery Journey

In this episode I talk about my own NoFap porn recovery journey over the past five years, as well as all the challenges I’ve faced up until my recovery in October 2018.


Next Steps

While the podcast is a great place to hear me waffle about the finer things in life, your predominant focus should be on developing a solid mental health routine.

Only through conscious action can we hope to change the behaviours which hold our life ransom.

To learn more about developing a solid mental health routine, I would highly recommend reading through the NeverFap Deluxe Meditation section of the website which explains a lot of these concepts in detail.

In addition if you enjoy listening to the podcast I would highly recommend subscribing to it via iTunes, Castbox or Spotify.

Stay safe, my friend.


Further Questions?

Head on down to our NeverFap Deluxe subreddit or Discord where myself and others can help you with your questions.

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Let's organise a 10 Minute FREE Consultation so you can understand how The Reade© can help you achieve your goals.

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Latest Articles

The Importance Of Developing A Mental Health Plan


In this article we speak about the importance of having a solid mental health plan in place and how this can assist you with your recovery.


  • Having a solid mental health plan puts you ahead of most people.
  • A mental health plan is designed to provide you with hard certainty.

Does Being In A Relationship Help With Overcoming Porn Addiction?


In this article I discuss whether being in a relationship can help with your porn addiction recovery.


  • Being in a relationship can help you better overcome your addiction.
  • Being in a relationship is by no means necessary for recovery.
  • Porn addiction recovery has absolutely nothing to do with sex.

Why We Struggle


By identifying how we struggle, we can better understand the dynamics with which we think about the problems in our life.


  • Struggle is a reflection of how you respond to expectation.
  • By learning to dissolve expectation we can learn to live without struggle in life.

The Difference Between NoFap And NeverFap Deluxe


In this article I discuss the fundamental difference between NoFap and NeverFap Deluxe as porn recovery ideologies.


  • NeverFap Deluxe provides an opinionated method for recovery, while NoFap is not.
  • NeverFap Deluxe aims to rectify all of the shortcomings of NoFap.

Is Porn Fundamentally Wrong?


In this article I explore some this idea of pornography and whether it is wrong from a moral perspective.


  • I don't believe there is anything fundamentally wrong with porn.
  • Understanding that porn is wrong is not a healthy attitude towards recovery, nor does it help us recover.

There Are No Super Powers When You Quit Porn


In this article I explore this idea of "super powers" and the benefits people perceive they might receive once they overcome their porn addiction.


  • Overcoming porn addiction allows you to live your life with greater purpose.
  • Overcoming porn addiction doesn't instantly grant you anything, only a renewed opportunity to develop as an individual.

The Fallacy Of Motivation


In this article I write about the pitfalls of using motivation as a driving force for change in the context of porn addiciton recovery.


  • Motivation is not persistent, it comes and goes.
  • Only by sticking to fundamental principles can you hope to guarantee success in your recovery.

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