#NewFapDeluxe Reddit Guidelines

I am currently offering free advice to people looking for additional help for their porn addiction recovery journey.

Not only to help you answer any questions you may have, but also to ensure that NeverFap Deluxe remains an amazing and accessible resource for both beginners and veterans alike.

In order to receive a detailed break-down of next steps to take with your porn addiction recovery, all you have to do is post in the NeverFap Deluxe Subreddit with the tag #NewNeverFapper.


What information you choose to post is entirely up to you, and I encourage you to write as little or as much as you want!

Obviously the more information you provide, the easier it will be to understand where you're coming from, as well as better understand what you need help with.

Here are some helpful suggestions.


Example Titles:


My intention with the NeverFap Deluxe subreddit is to create a thriving community of informed citizens, who as a collective are approaching their porn addiction recovery in the most efficient way possible.

Which is to say that I want people to be approaching their porn addiction recovery the right way from day 1 of their journey.

This is what I believe will separate r/NeverFapDeluxe from other communities such as r/NoFap which do not have a firm strategy in place to actually help people overcome their porn addiction.

More often than not, I see hopelessness and poor mental health practice become the main narrative that dominates the conversation, with other porn addicts.

Because we're starting out as a small community of dedicated individuals, we'll be able to combat this helpless with healthy and empowering coping mechanisms, in order to educate others correctly.