NeverFap Deluxe Bible

The NeverFap Deluxe Bible is a complete collection of all the essential articles, practices and guides here on the website.

I wouldn’t describe it as a complete substitute for the website itself, however it covers all the main sections people typically look at.

As of writing it contains the about page, summary page and guide page, as well as the articles and practices on the website.

To my surprise the website translates incredible well into ebook format, in large part due to the fabulous Content API I’ve build which stores everything conveniently in Markdown format.

Like, crazily well.

So if you’re looking to experience the website as an ebook, this is an excellent option.

The only issue is it doesn’t contain any of the fancy visualisations on the website, as well as the homepage of the NeverFap Deluxe website which is arguably what makes NeverFap Deluxe so fantastic.

Regardless, I simply wanted to create a different format for people to appreciate the website through.

The ebook is available for download via Leanpub and it has a suggested price of $12.99 if you’d like to help support and grow NeverFap Deluxe!

Otherwise, it can be obtained at a cheaper rate via my Patreon if you’re interested in becoming a backer!