NeverFap Deluxe Mobile App

That’s correct folks! NeverFap Deluxe officially has a mobile app that you can use!

I decided to create a mobile app so that people could have the ability to read the NeverFap Deluxe articles and practices on their mobile devices!

In addition, the mobile app provides you with easy access to the NeverFap Deluxe Guided Meditation Series, which is really the main reason why you should download it.

The app is currently available on Android on the Google Play Store.

In actual fact, the mobile app was built first for iOS and actually runs better on iOS than it does on Android, however iTunes very hefty developer fees have prevented me from releasing it on that platform for the time being.

Otherwise if you really want to listen to the guided meditations on your phone, I would recommend maybe trying out the SoundCloud app as they are available there, or even the CastBox app where they have been originally uploaded.

Regardless, enjoy!