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The Dutch made me put this message on my website.

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I totally understand

Helpful NeverFap Counsel

#need a link to all the website content, instead?

Welcome to the Helpful NeverFap Counsel!

Essentially the Helpful NeverFap Counsel is an extension of our #accountability program on Discord.

It’s a volunteer program to help others with porn addiction, by providing others with the advice in regards to the NeverFap Deluxe Method of overcoming porn addiction.

It’s an excellent way to bolster your own knowledge and understanding of NeverFap Deluxe, as well as learn more about the value of teaching others as a tool for persistent change.

As a member of the Helpful NeverFap Counsel you will essentially be tasked with helping the community out with their questions, offer advice based on NeverFap Deluxe, as well as assist new members of the community so that they feel loved and welcomed!

Here are some base guidelines if you’re interested in becoming a Helpful NeverFapper yourself.

  • - You must believe in NeverFap Deluxe.
  • - You must frequently participate in the server.
  • - You must be posting in #accountability everyday.
  • - You must be passionate about helping others.

If you’re at all interested in becoming a leader within our wonderful community, please send me a message on discord where I’ll be more-than-happy to guide you through the process.