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Fundamental Meditation Series

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    Fundamental Meditation Series

  1. Introduction
  2. Course Overview
  3. Next Steps


The NeverFap Deluxe Meditation Fundamental Series is a meditation series I've created which aims to provide you with the fundamentals of effective meditation so you can go out and practice it on your own.

A trend I'm noticing with a lot of different meditation apps and meditation services (for example, Headspace, Calm, 10% Happier etc.) is that they rely on you to pay a subscription in order to continually access a series of guided meditations.

Well, there's something about that which doesn't sit right with me.

For starters, people need a continual stream of guided meditations in order to function and I don't think it's something which people have ever questioned, largely because most the large providers only offer subscription services.

Instead, I would argue that it defeats the fundamental purpose of meditation, which is to become largely independent and be able to autonomously use our minds.

It's a bit like paying someone to feed you.

I mean. It's super convenient, but it's also not that hard to hold a spoon and feed yourself. Not to mention, you save yourself a heap of money in the long-haul.

Furthermore, sufficient mental health shouldn't cost an arm or a leg. Like, people spend thousands on all sorts of services and therapists and literally get nowhere.

Ultimately the focus of NeverFap Deluxe and the NeverFap Deluxe Meditation Fundamental Series is to teach you the basics so that you can do it on your own.


Course Overview

The NeverFap Deluxe Fundamental Meditation Series is a series of 4 meditations which is designed to teach you the absolute core fundamental basics of meditation.

It is a perfect starting point for those new to meditation, and with this core knowledge you should have the skills in order to meditate on your own.

As a starting point for your meditation journey, I also wanted it to be cheap enough that anyone can afford it, because I believe basic mental health should be inexpensive.

Each of the meditations focus on a particular area which cover

  • Observe Your Senses
  • Learning to observe your senses is arguably the fundamental basis of meditation and I walk-through the basics of how to do this and think about observation.
  • Conscious Awareness
  • Remaining consciously aware is such an important part of the meditation process, and is one which most people completely overlook.
  • Active Calmness
  • Teach yourself to actively remain calm in the most effective way possible.
  • Letting Go
  • Finally to tie all this knowledge together, you will always be learning to fundamentally let go.

Next Steps

Another thing which I highly recommend is to looking into the Hovering Meditation Technique which I've devised for people who struggle with traditional meditation.

It's a technological solution which essentially provides you with a more concrete set of guidelines in order to help you meditate, and it is particularly effective for those with existing mental health issues.

Further Questions?

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