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Struggle Over None Course

Overview Understand that porn recovery is about embracing calm and learning not to fight yourself mentally.
What you will learn

- How you're working against yourself and why.

- How to relax and remain calm.

- Embrace simplicity as a philosophy.

Course of six.

Welcome to the NeverFap Deluxe Struggle Over None course!

Struggle Over None is about embracing calm and simplicity as a core philosophy in terms of addressing our porn addiction.

Ultimately, porn addiction recovery shouldn’t be a struggle.

It should actually be the most effortless thing you do, because living a life without porn is effortless at it’s core.

When you’re no longer addicted to porn addict, you no longer worry about feelings of guilt or hiding your habit from others. You no longer battle your emotions or feel anxious when you’ve gone a few days without pursuing your addiction.

It is the raw definition of effortless.

The point is that the reason why your porn recovery shouldn't be a strugle, is because if you're doing the right things, you won't have to worry about all those feelings associated with being an addict.

If you’re practicing meditation on a daily basis and learning not to take your emotions personally, then there’s literally no reason to struggle.

Of course, the reason why Struggle Over None is it’s own fundamental principle, is because although we may be doing those things, we may also be doing other things to counter-act them.

For example, we may be over-complicating or over-obsessing over our mental health routine, or we may be only able to be effective with our emotions only a portion of the time.

Which is why we come back to Struggle Over None as a fundamental principle.

The reason why Struggle Over None focuses on simplicity is because simplicity rarely fails.

On a very fundamental level, practices such as meditation and observation are designed to help you let go and reduce complexity in your mind.

However, if we’re not also reducing complexity in other areas of your life, it’s going to be an uphill battle to achieve peace and calm with your addiction.

Course Articles

These articles have been written to help you better understand what the Struggle Over None Course means, as well as how it will help you overcome your porn addiction.

Course Practices

These practices entail the exercises you will perform in order to improve skills related to Struggle Over None Course. They should be performed in a specific order.

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