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Introduction course

Overview Understand the fundamental principles of NeverFap Deluxe.
What you will learn

- Why NeverFap Deluxe works as a comprehensive system.

- How NeverFap Deluxe makes porn recovery simple.

- The Five Fundamental Principles of NeverFap.

Course of six.

Welcome to the NeverFap Deluxe Introduction course!

This course serves as a general introduction to all the concepts we will discuss in future within NeverFap Deluxe, and is an excellent starting place for both newcomers and hardened veterans.

This course will explain how NeverFap Deluxe works, why the five fundamental principles of NeverFap are effective, as well as additional context into myself and my own porn recovery journey.

In addition, the Introduction course contains the most fundamental mental health practice on the website, Observe Your Senses, which is an exercise I recommend practicing everyday.

Of course, in order for us to be able to easily overcome our porn addiction, we will require mastery in all five fundamental principles, and the Introduction course will help you identify your weak areas, as well as your strong points.

Course Articles

These articles have been written to help you better understand what the Introduction course means, as well as how it will help you overcome your porn addiction.

Course Practices

These practices entail the exercises you will perform in order to improve skills related to Introduction course. They should be performed in a specific order.

NeverFap Deluxe
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