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Choice Over Mind Course

Overview Understand why and how you have full control over your mind.
What you will learn

- How to develop control over your mind.

- How to maintain confidence in your own decisions.

- Understand your options and embrace them.

Course of six.

Welcome to the NeverFap Deluxe Choice Over Mind course!

I recommend that people move onto the Choice Over Mind course once they have completed the Introduction Course and are comfortably practicing Observe Your Senses as part of their daily routine.

Many people find the Choice Over Mind course to be useful as a tool to help cut through the years of cynicism that may have been developed as part of being a porn addict for so long.

Primarily it challenges the notion that we are victim to porn addiction, which can lead to us to believe that we are helpless to our feelings and emotions which seem to hold us ransom at the best of times.

Choice Over Mind aims to provide you with the insight to understand that you have full-control over your mind. Whether you currently realise it or not.

Which is to say that with the right training, you can develop full control over what you feel, think and believe.

Of course, you won’t realise this until you first commit to the training.

Remember that any reluctance that you may have towards commiting to these practices is simply a by-product of your cynicism, which is neither productive nor helpful in assisting you overcome your porn addiction.

Committing to these practices on the other hand, is a proven strategy to help you develop the skills in order to help you overcome your porn addiction.

Read the articles. Do the practices. Then do them again.

I find it hilarious when people will literally do absolutely everything but practice the exercises, and then they wonder why they’re getting nowhere with their porn recovery. Or why they’re finding it so hard to commit to their mental health or deal with their porn cravings.

Don’t be that person. Remember, you’re here specifically not to be that person. Have faith in these exercises and they will reward you with perspective and new skills.

There are no shortcuts, as much as you may have been trying to discover them in your porn recovery journey.

Practice is your only saviour.

Course Articles

These articles have been written to help you better understand what the Choice Over Mind Course means, as well as how it will help you overcome your porn addiction.

Course Practices

These practices entail the exercises you will perform in order to improve skills related to Choice Over Mind Course. They should be performed in a specific order.

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