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Awareness Over All Course

Overview Understand the role of awareness and observation as a core strategy towards overcoming porn addiction.
What you will learn

- Why awareness is fundamental in everything you do.

- How meditation allows you to dissolve your addiction.

- How to quiet and focus your mind.

Course of six.

Welcome to the NeverFap Deluxe Awareness Over All course!

Awareness forms the basis of all successful porn recovery outcomes.

I’m yet to meet a single person who’s been able to successfully overcome porn addiction without the use of meditation and other core observation exercises.

You should already be familiar with Observe Your Senses as part of the Introduction course, which should have been your first taste of the power that meditation can have over your mind.

What the Awareness Over All course does is extend this practice into other areas, so you can understand different ways of practicing calm and feeling comfortable with yourself.

Remember that there are right or wrong ways of being aware. Awareness itself is a very personal understanding based on how you think and feel in the present moment.

Just understand that the more you practice awareness in it’s different forms, the more it will make sense to you, and the more control you will have over your mind.

Then at a certain level of awareness, you’ll more-or-less feel invulnerable to your own desires and you’ll be able to switch what your mind is thinking and feeling within a heartbeat.

Of course, consistent practice is key. You won’t get anywhere without your daily commitment to your mental health.

Course Articles

These articles have been written to help you better understand what the Awareness Over All Course means, as well as how it will help you overcome your porn addiction.

Course Practices

These practices entail the exercises you will perform in order to improve skills related to Awareness Over All Course. They should be performed in a specific order.

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