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NeverFap Deluxe Courses

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Here you’ll find our NeverFap Deluxe Courses!

These courses have been structured around the written content on this website, in order to provide you with the most efficient way forward with your porn recovery.

Much like the written content, these courses have been designed around The Five Fundamental Principles Of NeverFap.

These structured courses are the recommended approach towards consuming the information on this website, and I hope you find them useful as a porn recovery resource.

In total there are six courses.

It is recommended that you start with the Introduction course, and that you work your way down the list from Choice over mind to Uncondition over judgement

  • Introduction course
  • Overview Understand the fundamental principles of NeverFap Deluxe.
    What you will learn

    - Why NeverFap Deluxe works as a comprehensive system.

    - How NeverFap Deluxe makes porn recovery simple.

    - The Five Fundamental Principles of NeverFap.

    Link To Course

  • Choice Over Mind Course
  • Overview Understand why and how you have full control over your mind.
    What you will learn

    - How to develop control over your mind.

    - How to maintain confidence in your own decisions.

    - Understand your options and embrace them.

    Link To Course

  • Balance Over Reward Course
  • Overview Understand the crucial role balance plays in maintaining your feelings and emotions.
    What you will learn

    - How to value your mental health above all.

    - How you neglect yourself in favour of obsession.

    - How to effortlessly enforce balance in your daily life.

    Link To Course

  • Awareness Over All Course
  • Overview Understand the role of awareness and observation as a core strategy towards overcoming porn addiction.
    What you will learn

    - Why awareness is fundamental in everything you do.

    - How meditation allows you to dissolve your addiction.

    - How to quiet and focus your mind.

    Link To Course

  • Struggle Over None Course
  • Overview Understand that porn recovery is about embracing calm and learning not to fight yourself mentally.
    What you will learn

    - How you're working against yourself and why.

    - How to relax and remain calm.

    - Embrace simplicity as a philosophy.

    Link To Course

  • Uncondition Over Judgement Course
  • Overview Understand the power of acceptance as a driving force for self-control.
    What you will learn

    - How to accept yourself and others unconditionally.

    - How judgements are a mental trap.

    - The value of letting go and uninvesting yourself.

    Link To Course

    Audio Courses

    In addition to the written content on this website, we also offer structured audio courses which have been designed to provide you with a linear pathway towards developing the skills to address your porn addiction.

    Much like the written content, these courses have been designed around The Five Fundamental Principles Of NeverFap, in order to help you learn new skills in the most efficient way possible.

    In order to sign up for the courses, you first need to create an account on our NeverFap Deluxe Community website.

    Pricing is available on the NeverFap Deluxe Community Website.

    NeverFap Deluxe
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