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There are a heap of different ways you can interact with the NeverFap Deluxe Community, whether you want to chat with others, or even follow NeverFap Deluxe on social media.

In addition, we offer a variety of unique content that is available only when you register for a NeverFap Deluxe Account.

This includes things like helpful email campaigns to help you keep on track with your porn recovery, as well as a bunch of audio courses to teach you meditation and awareness best practices.

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When you sign up for a NeverFap Deluxe Account, you gain access to a variety of free and premium email campaigns.

Furthermore, it's completely FREE to register.

With our FREE 7 Day NeverFap Deluxe Kickstarter, we explain the ropes of how you can get started with the NeverFap Deluxe method of overcoming porn addiction.

Feeling a bit confused about meditation? The 10 Day Meditation Primer is designed to explain what meditation is, how it works, as well as what you can do to get started and practicing straight-away.

The 28 Day Awareness Challenge consists of a series of challenges which you can focus on each day, designed to increase your awareness.


I've setup a Discord channel if you're interested in having a chat or if you have any questions about NeverFap Deluxe. It's also a great opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know our small but active community.

In addition, I also offer an accountability program via our #accountability channel that has been designed to help you commit to your mental health, and motivate you by seeing what others are doing.

You can learn more about the program here.

Obviously we all live in different time zones, however I check it frequently and respond as promptly as I can.

I'm personally located in Melbourne, Australia. (GMT+11:00)


Yes, that's right.

We have our very own subreddit.

Perhaps you'd like to receive some personal advice via our #NewNeverFapper initiative or even ask an important question in regards to one of the articles or practies on the website.

Feel free to follow my account in order to catch a trickle of my comments, or even just to say:

"Heyyyy 21F Aus, looking to hook up ;)"


I recommend checking out my Patreon if you're looking to track the progress I make on the website.

I post weekly updates of all the work I put towards NeverFap Deluxe, so it's an amazing place to keep up-to-date with all the essential happenings of this wonderful resource.

In addition, you're more than welcome to commit a monthly financial contribution towards the website if you so please.


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Oh, you silly little duckling. I can't hear you because this is the internet and this is only a webpage. Although seriously, you should stop talking to your computer screen and seek professional help.


Maybe you enjoy a lighter shade of blue, than compared to a darker shade of blue.

Maybe you're colour blind.

Regardless of your sexual preference, feel free to follow our Twitter account and #NeverFapDeluxe.