I offer porn addiction recovery coaching for people seeking more targeted help with their porn addiction.

In most cases, the articles and courses contained within this website should provide you with all the skills and knowledge you require in order to help you overcome your porn addiction.

However, it can be difficult to do alone.

As outlined in My Personal Porn Recovery Journey one of the big things which helped me overcome my porn addiction was coming out to my partner about my mental health issues.

Which obviously can be an incredibly difficult thing for you to do, if you don't feel as if you have anyone you can trust to talk about your mental health issues with.

I have certainly been in that position before and can understand what it's like, which is why I've decided to offer personal coaching as a service.

It's also the reason why I run an #accountability Discord channel, so users can get that level of interaction with other people on some level.

Here are some of the reasons to consider personal coaching.

Ultimately only you can decide whether you belive it's worth your time and money.

I'm simply here to help.


I charge $45 for an initial 30 minute consultation.

Then I charge $90 per hour for any on-going sessions that you feel are necessary, which will usually occur on a weekly basis.

Here's the thing. I've dealt with an extraordinary amount of porn addicts, so I can usually tell a person within a few minutes.

I can tell if it's going to take them years to beat this thing, because of their inherent refusal to trust the process.

I can tell if they're going to struggle with meditation, because they fail to understand the importance of letting go.

I can almost instantly recognise anything, not only because I've personally been there before, but because of the behaviours I observe from the porn addicts I speak with everyday.

From enlightened hope to complete hopelessness at the cusp of relapse, it's honestly nothing new to me.

The good news is that because I can identify these behaviours, I can also help you become aware of them.

Which is 90% of the battle.

For a lot of people, that initial 30 minutes is all they'll need, because they might only have a few on-going questions or are simply seeking routine.

However, for the particularly stubborn (certainly I was one of them) on-going sessions can be helpful to keep you on track and have someone tell it to you straight.

In almost all cases, the issue with stubborn clients is that they'll refuse to stick to the routine, and then complain about relapsing as if they could have never seen it coming.

Ah yes, the great veneer of denial, sticking out it's ugly head as it cackles at you like a murder of crows. Been there before. It sucks. I totally get it. Let's change that.

You distrust the process. You lose. It's that simple. I've said it a million times before, and I'll say it for another million if I have to.

Next Steps

If you're still interested in having me coach you, then there's two things you need to do.

Firstly, you'll need to create a NeverFap Deluxe Account. There are links in the banner below.

This first step is important, because it's essentially how you'll pay for the coaching in the beautifully designed dashboard that I've put together.

Secondly, get in touch via email (or via Discord) so I can learn a bit more about you, as well as so we can arrange a time.

I'm personally located in Melbourne Australia. (GMT+11:00)