NeverFap Deluxe Chrome Extension

NeverFap Deluxe officially has a Chrome Extension!

To be quite honest, the chrome extension doesn’t do a crazy amount since it really isn’t the focus of NeverFap Deluxe, but it does some nice things which you might appreciate.

For example, it provides you with quick links to the NeverFap Deluxe website and the Discord server, as well as provides you with the option to wipe your browser screen if you find yourself looking at NSFW content.

The main feature however is the quick access it provides to the NeverFap Deluxe Guided Meditation Series, which is now just a click away!

So no matter where you are, you now have access to the smooth sounds of The Reade to carry you away into your respective fantasy lands.

How neat!

Chrome link:

Firefox link:

Ultimately however, you really should be learning to use your mind effectively, as that will determine your long-term success with your porn addiction recovery.