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Meet The HCM: Cold Showers

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Written by Xastralwolfy and Blockhead

On your NeverFap Deluxe reboot, it’s advised to have healthy coping mechanisms, or HCMs as a way to keep yourself in check.

There’s a plethora of healthy coping mechanisms that can be practiced, but here we’ll be focusing on cold showers, and go in depth into how to properly utilize them so that they become your ally rather than your enemy.

One thing to keep in mind at all times is that developing a habit of reacting to an urge in hopes that it’ll repulse you away from PMOing is unhealthy.

By using a cold shower as a solution to dissipate the urge, you start to make them unhealthy for your mental health.

The NFD goal is to help you develop your own mental defense mechanism. I have stated in the past that you need to maintain calmness for majority of the time, the rest should be done practicing HCMs.

These HCMs are meant to help you keep your emotions buckled down and in check, so that you don’t end up in an emotionally unstable situation, and use PMOing as a tool to cope with the emotions.

Moving on, the reason why cold showers are effective at helping you cope with emotions is because they make you uncomfortable and make you go out of your comfort zone.

Cold showers are immensely uncomfortable at first, it takes a good amount of courage to stay in there for awhile.

Even though it’s not a very satisfying feeling it does help in the end. Cold showers are a mental hurdle, as you often debate if getting a shock in your body from the cold water is worth it, but you still do it anyway regardless of the fact that they make you uncomfortable, which is how they help you escape the comfort zone.

Cold showers also have LOTS of benefits for your health, one being that it helps the circulation in your body.

According to, “An improved circulation means better overall cardiovascular health. Among the benefits of taking cold showers is a good blood flow.

It allows the blood to rush down to organs to stay warm. Cold showers help boost the activity of the lymphatic system, which works to carry out waste from cells.”

If you aren’t really convinced that cold showers are for you, then the benefits are something to look into.

Personally, I’ve noticed they give me more energy, help me go past my comfort zone, put me in the present moment by giving me a jolt of COLD (xD) and they make me feel as if I have a ‘warm aura’ surrounding my skin once I step out and dry off, which is really satisfying.

The best way to take a cold shower is to just take a normal shower, except with of course, a fully turned knob on cold.

I suggest doing this once a day, it has helped me on my journey a lot, but do not become dependant on cold showers to kill urges.

Doing so can lead to a dependance on something, which would contradict what we are trying to accomplish, which is independence.

By Xastralwolfy (OfficialXastralWolfy) and Blockhead (TheRecoveringOne)

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