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What Makes NeverFap So Different


NeverFap is a comprehensive porn addiction recovery platform that is designed to make overcoming your porn addiction as simple as possible.


NeverFap Deluxe describes exactly what you need to do in order to overcome porn addiction.

The NeverFap method of overcoming porn addiction is built around verifiable practices that teach you healthy coping mechanisms.

Practice. Practice. Practice.


NeverFap Deluxe aims to be a comprehensive solution towards addressing your porn addiction.

While there are many resources out there on the internet which accurately describe what porn addiction is and how it functions.

I couldn’t find a single resource that could accurately tell me exactly what I needed to do in order stop being a porn addict.

Which is a bit like saying: “Hey buddy, you have a severe problem, but I won’t actually tell you how to address it”.

“However what I’ll do instead is make you increasingly aware of it, so that you feel compelled to do something about it, even though I can’t actually help you to change.”

Which really is of no help to you, regardless of how useful their information is at describing what your problems are.

Ultimately, there were two kinds of resources that I frequently came across:

Incomplete advice from existing porn addicts, usually in the form of forum posts. Which were desperately hopeful at best.

Scientific descriptions of porn addiction is and how it affects various aspects of our mind.

Certainly, while it’s great to understand what happens under the hood from a scientific point of view.

In no way does that actually help you deal with the day-to-day of being a porn addict, and in no way does it help dealing with being a porn addict any easier.

So lieu of all this, I decided to create NeverFap Deluxe.

NeverFap Deluxe has one very clear purpose that other methods lack:

To help you successfully overcome porn addiction.

And thus easily overcome porn addiction.

The reason why NeverFap works is because it is built around verifiable steps and practices, which actively change the way you feel and think on a daily basis.

Using these practices, I have personally overcome porn addiction to a point that I literally do not think about porn at all.

In addition, the NeverFap method of overcoming porn addiction has been built around Five Fundamental Principles that relate to my own life personally.

Which serve to help you not only gain a better understand yourself, but also cut through the denial of being a porn addict.

Porn is not the problem

Aside from the fact that NeverFap is a complete solution that aims to take you from porn addict to regular human being.

I also believe NeverFap takes a very unique approach towards addressing porn addiction.

You see, I maintain a very strong belief that porn addiction has very little to do with porn itself.

Understandably, watching and masturbating to porn is an incredibly addictive behaviour.

However this doesn’t explain why some people aren’t severe porn addicts in the same way that we are. Much in the same way that some people are not addicted to alcohol in the same that others may be.

And this is precisely where I believe scientific descriptions of porn addiction break down in terms of their usefulness at helping us overcome porn addiction.

Sure. It’s interesting to understand how porn addiction works, but it still doesn’t quite explain why some people are absolutely obsessed with it.

Which is to say that I don’t believe porn is the underlying issue as to why we are addicted to porn.

Rather, I believe that porn addicts are addicted to porn because of some sort of fundamental misunderstanding that they have subscribed to, which they haven’t yet figured out.

Not only is this a reflection of my own experiences with battling porn addiction, however is a reflection of the actual practices and solutions out there which work to help us address porn addiction.

What are we misunderstanding?

When you think about it, no one ever wants to be addicted.

No one wants to self-harm and pursue behaviours which cause them suffering and misery.

The only reason they do, often inspite of trying everything in their power not to, is due to this internal misunderstanding.

In some cases, this misunderstanding can be due to a limiting belief they have about their own ability to overcome porn addiction.

In other cases, they may simply not have the mental capacity to influence their emotions in order to prevent cravings, usually due to lack of practice with meditation and perspective exercises.

In most cases, it’s a combination of a number of factors, which they simply haven’t figured out yet.

This is why I came up with the Five Fundamental Principles of NeverFap, to help guide people towards understanding exactly where they may be going wrong.

Perhaps what I like most about NeverFap is how it’s designed to always provide you with a path forward.

When you’re a porn addict, almost everything is confusing.

You doubt yourself. You second-guess what you’re experiencing. And even though you may know you’re doing the right thing, your emotions may be fighting you and telling you to do otherwise.

With NeverFap there’s always an opportunity to try and figure out where you went wrong, and figure out exactly where you’re at and how to address your weak points.

After all, at the end of the day overcoming porn addiction is nothing more than a skill, and it’s a skill you can gain through practice.

The more you practice, the more you build up your confidence and your ability to control how you feel about yourself, and eventually you’ll be able to fully control whatever outcomes you desire.

Because I’ve done it using this very same method, and you can too.

That’s my guarantee.

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