The Ultimate Aim Of NeverFap Deluxe Practices


NeverFap Deluxe Practices are designed to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms through awareness and perspective.

These practices should be used as a tool of self-discovery for your feelings and emotions.


NeverFap Deluxe consists of a range of exercises which are designed to help you develop the skills in order to help you overcome porn addiction.

The intention is really quite simple:

To help you develop healthy coping mechanisms in order to help you deal with your porn addiction.

Exercises which are designed to not only help expand your capacity for capacity for awareness, however to also teach you to remain calm and relaxed with your feelings and emotions.

Here’s the thing: As a porn addict you have trained your mind to watch porn as a go-to response to a variety of difficult situations.

It could as a response to excessive stress due to work or school. It could be due to depression as a result of unsupportive family or friends. It could simply be due to the fact that you’ve never be taught otherwise.

What these exercises set out to do is reprogram the way you think and respond in these situations.

Essentially, what this means is developing a new set of understandings and behaviours so you don't need to watch porn anymore to cope with these difficult situations.

And the way we get you to do this is by practicing these healthy coping mechanisms so that they can become second-nature to you.

So that you can learn to relax and even accept those negative feelings and not take them personally.

Encouraging self-discovery

An important thing to note is that what we’re truly embarking on is a process of self-discovery.

Which is to say that there are no right or wrong answers with these exercises and that there is merely how you feel in the present moment.

As a result, observation is an incredibly important aspect of what we’re trying to achieve here, because observation is what allows us to engage our brain and think about these feelings and behaviours in a meaningful behaviour.

While awareness is certainly one factor, consciously engaging with our behaviours is equally as important as well.

Otherwise, we aren’t truly being aware in a way that is helping us replace our unhealthy coping mechanisms, with more suitable alternatives.

Helping ourselves

At the end of the day, the ultimate aim of NeverFap Deluxe Practices is to help you better understand ourselves.

Currently, we may not even know how to observe our sense, let alone understand what awareness actually is.

Through these exercises we can learn to better appreciate these aspects of our lives, and furthermore, utilise them as a strategy to help us improve our mental processes.

The aim is to overcome our porn addiction, and there’s no better way I know how than through calmness and awareness.

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