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The Difference Between NoFap And NeverFap Deluxe


In this article I discuss the fundamental difference between NoFap and NeverFap Deluxe as porn recovery ideologies.


NeverFap Deluxe provides an opinionated method for recovery, while NoFap is not.

NeverFap Deluxe aims to rectify all of the shortcomings of NoFap.


Today I want to write about the fundamental difference between NoFap and NeverFap Deluxe.

Part of the reason why I created NeverFap Deluxe was to address the shortcomings of NoFap, and it’s important for you to understand these shortcomings so you can make better decisions during your porn addiction recovery journey.

Put simply, the primary problem with NoFap is that there is no “NoFap Method” for people to follow.

When you ask people what NoFap is, their typical response is that it’s an ideology which promotes giving up porn and masturbation.

…and that’s about as far as the dialog goes.

In no way does the idea of NoFap within itself concretely explain how to actually achieve any of these ideals, which is why almost everyone has a different opinion in regards to what porn addiction recovery should entail.

In other words, NoFap isn’t an opinionated process on how to overcome porn addiction and this is a large part of the reason why so many people continue to struggle with this addiction every single day.

Well, this is essentially the reason why I decided to create NeverFap Deluxe.

Because I strongly believe that something as serious and as difficult as overcoming addiction, should be lead by a strong series of processes and principles.

Because what I’m currently witnessing within the porn addiction recovery community is a lot of confusion and helplessness, which could have been prevented if proper mental health practice had been established early on.

What I aim to acheve with NeverFap Deluxe is to create a method that not only makes sense fundamentally to everyone.

But I also hope to explain it in a way that is as clear as daylight in terms of what is required and how it can be acheived.

Ultimately, NeverFap Deluxe is about the use of awareness and meditation in order to help us maintain balance in our lives.

And with balance comes emotional stability and when you’re completely calm and stable, you no longer experience urges and your ability to handle difficult situations improves dramatically.

These philosophies stem from the belief that porn addiction is largely a mental health issue, and therefore needs to be addressed with a strong suite of mental health solutions in mind.

Furthermore, it also keeps recovery simple and NeverFap Deluxe is all about implementing simple routines which literally anyone can follow.

In most cases, the recovery process comes down to practicing 10 minutes of meditation each day.

And when you keep it simple, it encourages people to not only stay the course, but more easily understand the fundamentals of what they’re doing.

Unfortunately, the directionless of the NoFap movement has resulted in a slew of bad practice, which have become standard in terms of how most people understand porn addiction recovery today.

Perhaps the worst consequence of this has been this idea of counting the number of days since you last relapsed, as a viable metric for demonstrating how well you are doing with your recovery.

The basic idea is that you count the number of days since your last relapsed in order to ensure that you’re following the program, even though it’s an entirely meaningless metric which has absolutely nothing to do with how well you are doing with your mental health in any capacity.

Furthermore, it promotes all sorts of helpless attitudes as people lament at how they haven’t been able to reach the glory of previous streaks.

Inspite of the fact that prior results are no indication of what you are able to achieve today, let alone whether you’re even working on your mental health in order to improve or not.

I think part of the problem with NoFap and the porn addiction recovery scene as a whole is that porn addiction recovery is larely viewed as a solo effort.

This thing which you’re supposed to try and wing without any guidance, for reasons I cannot understand.

Although perhaps this simply extends to all mental health issues in general, as certainly this is how I personally felt about my own depression and bipolar disorder.

Well, I want to change this narrative to let people know that mental health issues are better overcome as a community, through the sharing of knowledge and new ideas.

That’s why we have a very active community of fellow NeverFappers on our Discord channel, so we can discuss these ideas freely and support each other during these difficult times.

With these ideals in mind, I’m keen to grow NeverFap Deluxe in order to help as many people as possible with my new and effective approach.

Which is already helping thousands of people everyday become their best selves.

In essence, let’s work together in order to put an end to this destructive addiction once and for all.

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The Difference Between NoFap And NeverFap Deluxe


In this article I discuss the fundamental difference between NoFap and NeverFap Deluxe as porn recovery ideologies.


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