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Paying The NeverFap Maintenance Tax


When we treat the maintainance of our mental health as an unnecessary burden, we compromise our ability to exert control over our thoughts and emotions.


Maintenance of our mental and physical health is a hard requirement.

Compromising on this maintenance significantly affects our ability to function.

Respecting balance allows us to have everything we want without compromise.


What exactly is the NeverFap Maintenance Tax?

Well, aside from the fact that it’s a term I’ve more-or-less made up on the spot, the NeverFap Maintenance Tax refers to the time and effort required in order to maintain our physical and mental health.

It includes things like meditation, exercising, relaxing, studying, eating and brushing our teeth.

Everything that helps us keep regular.

The reason why I call it a tax is because many of us have the attitude that maintaining these things is simply unnecessary.

In fact, most of us can tend to view these things as a burden (usually due to the amount of time associated with actually doing them), despite the positive benefits they provide.

So what ends ups happening is that become selective about what we view as necessary or not.

Maybe we don’t exercise, because we’d rather be studying or playing video games. Maybe we work or study too hard, because we don’t see the value in meditating or relaxing.

In doing this, we make significant compromises to our ability to function.

And what’s really disturbing, is how utterly unaware we are of how much we compromise in terms of our ability to function, often without truly being aware of it.

Certainly, I’ve been there.

And only now in retrospect do I realise how I was making something like giving up porn addiction almost impossible due to my own negative attitudes towards self-care.

In other words, if you’re struggling with your porn addiction it may be because you’re not paying your maintenance tax in full.

In order to demonstrate this, I’m first going to talk about where I personally was making those compromises in my life.

And then explain the effect it was having on my ability to cope.

As well as what successfully paying the maintenance tax actually entails.

Facing the consequences of imbalance

Prior to this realisation, I was under the impression that I was relatively functional and healthy.

I was exercising three times a week. I was eating healthily. I was in a fantastic relationship. I was incredibly passionate about studying and I was full of ambition, ready to take on the world.

On the other hand, there were other aspects of my life that were severely imbalanced.

Aside from being severely addicted to porn, I was beginning to suffer from anxiety attacks from my excessive studying.

I was studying so much that it used to induce these kinds of ‘coding nightmares’ where I would be mentally coding in my sleep, but stuck in an indefinite loop where I would just write the same code again and again and again.

It was truly awful.

My problem was that I was pushing myself too hard and I didn’t provide myself with the opportunity to relax.

All because I didn’t view relaxation as a form of maintenance, in part because I was so obsessed with being productive and not falling behind.

Once I’d respected this balance however (primarily by not overworking myself to death) I was able function more clearly.

And most importantly, regain control over my emotions so that my cravings for porn could become a thing of the past.

Of course, you may have an opposite problem. You may not be motivated enough.

Everyone is different in this regard, and NeverFap Deluxe is designed to help you figure out exactly where your weaknesses are.

Change in attitude

Embracing self-care requires a change in attitude.

Instead of thinking about our immediate wants, we need to begin thinking holistically and understand that cutting corners of any kind is going to result in future pain.

Certainly, costing us time and emotional stability in the long run.

Which exponentially increases the difficulty of everything else we hope to achieve, regardless of how much time we spend on those pursuits themselves.

Only by paying the maintanence tax can we ensure a) Our mental health remains intact and b) We achieve all our ambitions equally.

And that really is the key point people completely miss:

By respecting balance in our life, we can have everything we want without the compromise.

It simply requires respecting long-term outcomes, as opposed to hesitant, short-term outcomes.

The key takeaway from this article is that self-care exists above all, especially if you care about productivity.

Furthermore, that self-care is not optional.

It is a hard requirement and by avoiding self-care, we delay so many positive aspects of our life.

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