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Introduction To The NeverFap Deluxe Guide


The NeverFap Deluxe Guide is designed to help you overcome porn addiction through awareness, self-control and improved mental health.


It is totally possible to overcome porn addiction by following a series of verifiable steps.

Practice is the key to achieving success.

You're likely struggling with porn addiction because of an internal misunderstanding of some fundamental truth.

I created NeverFap Deluxe to help you understand where you may be misunderstanding yourself.


Today I’m here to talk to you about porn addiction.

Porn addiction itself can be a very complex topic. We can spend hours discussing the intricacies of how particular cultural upbringings affect the way we view women.

We can bore over the details of our past trauma in order to extract why exactly we’re so obsessed with certain types of porn.

We can do all sorts of things to try and understand why we humans are the way we are, and to be quite frank… it’s all very exhausting.

Because the truth is, overcoming pornography addiction is deceptively simple.

From a process point of view, I spend around 40 minutes each day practicing meditation.

And that’s literally all I need to do in order to maintain control over my mind.

Of course, I also do a lot more, like train my mind with perspective exercises, but now that I’m in a stable state in regards to my porn addiction, all I really have do is maintain my mental health.

I now no longer think about porn. No longer do I crave porn. I wouldn’t even want to masturbate to porn if you put it in front of me.

It’s just not how my mind works anymore.

And it’s so empowering.

The point is that overcoming porn addiction is totally achievable.

And I want to show you how.

Ultimately, we have one rule here at NeverFap:

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Without practicing the core skills that will help you overcome porn addiction, you simply cannot overcome porn addiction. I don’t know how else to say it.

It’s no different whether you want to become a successful body builder or a world class sculptor. Practice is the bridge that will help get you there.

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

So what’s stopping you?

Cravings. Fear. Doubt. Anxiety. Addiction.

Which is to say there’s some kind of internal misunderstanding which is preventing you from doing what you want in your mind.

Yes, a misunderstanding.

Perhaps it’s a self-limiting belief. Perhaps you haven’t developed your awareness to a point that you can act with intention. Perhaps you have no idea what you’re doing.

Perhaps you’ve never developed a single healthy coping mechanism at all in your entire life.

That’s why I came up with The Five Fundamental Principles of NeverFap in order to help you better understand where you may be misunderstanding yourself.

Otherwise, known as denial.

If we had to break down what people tend to find difficult in regards to overcoming their porn addiction.

You could say that it comes down to a) Figuring out how to actually convince oneself to commit to porn recovery and b) Truly understanding what will work, and what will not.

This not only includes the knowledge surrounding porn recovery, but also working with our emotions to effectively apply it in everyday situations.

Which can be incredibly difficult, if not outright confusing when we don’t truly have the confidence to know exactly what we’re doing.

We’ll be feeling completely confident one week into our recovery, only to face what seems like an insurmountable wall of fear and doubt, which inevitably leads to relpase.

Well, that’s why I decided to create NeverFap Deluxe.

My intention is to help you fill in all the gaps, so you don’t have to run around like a headless chook, the same way that I did for five years.

I hope to talk about every single aspect of how to successfully become porn free. What you’ll need to learn. How you can learn those things. How not to fall into certain traps.

How it’s actually an incredibly straight-forward process if you just follow the motions.

I want to teach and explain all the core skills that I have come to learn over the past five years over My Personal Porn Recovery Journey, and I want to go into detail as to what these skills and understandings are.

As for a non-exhaustive list of these skills, here are some of the things which you will learn which will help you overcome porn addiction:

  • Learn to focus on the how, not the why

  • Learn to value your mental health above all

  • Develop the ability to quiet and focus your mind

  • Learn to love and accept yourself and others unconditionally

  • Learn to invest in yourself

  • Change the way you think about sex and women

  • Value commitment and long-term thinking

  • Identify and understanding any potential mental disorders

  • Properly understand how to live life without porn

I explore each of these aspects (and more) in detail, as well as why they are so crucial for in regards to successfully overcoming porn addiction.

Personally speaking it took me around 5 years of trial and error before everything finally clicked in my head.

And I’m now at a point where porn has no control over me.

Realistically, you could probably achieve the same thing in around six months if you stuck to a rigorous routine.

However, I also maintain that humans simply aren’t like that.

Some of us are driven by failure and by experiencing things the hard way. Others of us may be so deep in our delusion that it may take years to even realise that we have a problem.

That’s okay too.

Understand that we’re not here to fight ourselves any longer.

We’re here to understand who we are, what we have to do to change, as well as understand how we can improve as people.

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